Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Djinn Guide

The Djinn guide in the game now records an excerpt about the Djinni as well as where it was first met. Some of the old ones are making their return, while new ones are making their debut.

Ever wonder why it has been said there were over 80 to collect? That's because there are 83 entries in the encylopedia. Some of them belong to Isaac and Garet, so you don't get to keep them.

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"Point of No Return"

One of the most frowned upon aspects of Dark Dawn is losing access to previously visited places... permanently.

Here, we've identified some points in the story that you should look out for. You can miss a lot of Djinni in the end, so be sure to check before reaching any point!

Note: Even though the walls close off the entrance to Belinsk Ruins, you can still use Retreat until Point 3 is reached.

Djinn You'll Miss If You Go Through the Final Gate in Belinsk Ruins

This spirit represents
still air and is found at
Craggy Peak. Doldrum
can hold an enemy in
place by encasing it in
unmoving wind.
Stop enemy movement with still air.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck Battle
+15 +6 0 +4 0 0
As you have to solve the puzzles in all the zodiac rooms of Craggy Peak, it's difficult to miss this Djinni. It's inside one of the final rooms (Taurus) trapped inside the jaws of a lion head, but using Fireball on it will free it. Rotate the middle staircase to reach it.

This spirit embodies hot
rage and is first met at
Te Rya village. Fury
summons the souls
of those who died
in anger to attack
Call haunting spirits to harm your foe.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck
+23 +5 0 0 0 0
In the east side of Te Rya Village, climb a tree to get near an unlit torch beside a freezing sheep. It'll move out of the way so you can reach the Djinni.

This spirit carries the
refreshing feeling of
morning dew and is
met near the Teppe
ruins. Dewdrop cleanses
the party of toxins and
the like.
Cure party status effects with fresh dew.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck
+13 +7 +4 0 0 0
Buy a Trusty Staff in the item artifact shop in Te Rya before heading to the ruins. Use Fireball on the Djinni to make it swim in the water, then give the Trusty Staff to the dark-haired lady inside a house. Follow her out and she'll fish the Djinni out.

This spirit has
influence over seeds
and is found in the
Teppe ruins. In battle,
Vine plants seeds
that grow with amazing
speed to hamper foes.
Tangle multiple foes to drop Agility.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck
+22 +5 0 +4 0 +1
Teppe Ruins in a large room shortly before the exit. There's a patch of grass to the south. Move the pillar up one to block its path in the grass.

Desire is the province
of this spirit, who you
first meet in Belinsk.
Furrow's attack
takes vitality from
foes by force.
Drain an enemy's HP.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck Battle
+22 0 0 0 0 0
Once you exit out of the Teppe Ruins and onto the World Map, look towards the east to find a little island with a bridge and run around there to find it in a random battle.

This spirit of inevitability
is found north of
Border Town. Gears
can force evil beings
to turn on one
Force a foe to attack another.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck Battle
+15 +4 +6 0 0 0
Met on the world map north of Border town, along the coastline where there's no beach.

This sandstorm spirit is
first encountered in
Border Town. Sirocco's
swirling winds reduce
enemy visibility to zero.
Scour and delude a foe with a sandstorm.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck
+16 0 +5 0 0 0
Enter the building at the bridge and climb up to go outside. Use Grip to move to the house on the right and go downstairs.

This spirit embodies the
life-giving properties of
the sea and is first
met at Port Rago.
Coral's aura restores
life and health to the
Restore party HP with the life-giving seas.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck Battle
+13 +7 0 +3 0 0
Port Rago Canal. Near the front of Briggs's ship is a bowl. Use Arid Heat on the bowl to lower the level, then go up into the new revealed passage.

This light spirit is first
encountered at the
Dream Tree. Glare
emits light intense
enough to blind and
injure an enemy.
Damage and delude a foe with heat glare.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck Battle
+17 +3 +2 0 +2 0
The Phantasmal Bog, south about two areas from the room with the giant leaf. Cold Snap the puddle, then push the vertical log to the right. Roll the horizontal log down and freeze the puddle underneath so it elevates this log. Use it to reach the Djinni.

This spirit of lingering
fragrances is first met
in Saha Town. Wisp can
refresh the mind and
heart with invigorating
Restore party PP with refreshing fragrances.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck
+16 +9 0 0 0 0
You'll most likely spot this Djinni while heading to Kolima via the wells in Saha, but it's unobtainable until you clear the Phantasmal Bog there, where you would obtain the Crush Psynergy needed to break the rock blocking the way.

This tree spirit is found
in Kolima Village. Garland
has a pleasant fragrance
that immediately
refreshes and relieves
Refresh an ally and restore HP.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck
+15 +4 0 0 +4 +2
Kolima in the branches of the Djinn Tree. Start by entering the item shop, then make your way around by hopping from branch to branch.

This spirit embodies
tears shed in grief and
is encountered in
Kolima Forest.
Teardrop's own tears
can bring people back
from the brink of death.
Usually revive a downed ally with grieving.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck
+17 +5 0 0 +3 +2
West part of the Kolima Junction. Roll the vertical log to the left so it meets up with the other two. Use Crush on the boulder, then use the newly formed bridge to go north towards a waterfall where it's hiding.

This spirit of clouds
is first encountered at
Talon Peak. Puff fills
enemies with cloudstuff
until they burst.
Inflate an enemy to bursting.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck Battle
+20 0 +5 0 0 0
Talon Peak after defeating the Mountain Roc. Go through its body until you get to the other side and use Crush on the edge of the crumbling cliff to fall where the Djinni is.

A spirit of the void, this
Djinni is found deep in
the Belinsk ruins.
The vacuum within
Chasm draws
everything in.
Send damage the party takes to the void.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck Battle
+15 0 0 0 +5 0
Belinsk Ruins B2 after passing through the Sun/Moon/Matter gate. Crush the top right peg and use them to hop to the west side. Crush the peg beside the Djinni to elevate it where it'll hop off. Crush the peg that it was on so it doesn't have anywhere to run.