Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Djinn Guide

Table of Contents

This section covers two topics of interest: Djinn and the Summons which they make possible.

Djinn Encyclopedia - A list of Djinn, their stats, abilities, locations, and more.
Summons - The Summons brought forth from Djinn.


When Sol Sanctum erupted, the creatures known as Djinn escaped and were scattered all around Weyard. Djinn are creatures that embody the essence of each element: earth, water, fire, and wind. Venus Djinn are from the earth, Mercury Djinn are from the water, Mars Djinn come from fire, and Jupiter Djinn are based on wind. By simply being near an Adept, they grant new overall boosts in stats and new Psynergy to harness. Their powers make it possible to summon powerful spirits!

Djinn can be in Set and Standby modes. When Djinn are Set, the Djinni is ready to use its powers in battle. Once you've used that power, it automatically goes into Standby. Djinn in this mode does not have any influence on your stats, so it's as if you didn't have them at all. In exchange, you're given the ability to summon spirits. When the spirit has been summoned, the Djinn involved in the summoning go into Recovery mode. Some time must past before they are back to Set mode again. And the cycle continues!

Set - Increased stats and possible new class and/or psynergy.
Standby - Ability to summon in exchange for any stat boost the Djinni may provide.
Recover - Djinni cannot be used until a certain amount of time has passed.

They seemingly don't like to all get piled on one person, and prefer to be shared as equal as possible. An Adept cannot have 2 Djinn more than the Adept with the lowest number of Djinn.

Sometimes Djinn must be bested in battle before they join your group, while most of them will join without a fight. There are 44 Djinn you can obtain during the adventure, but 72 in total with the addition of the 28 from Isaac's group -- but this cannot be achieved without transferring data from the previous game. If you are missing at most 1 from each element, you can still find them in various locations around Weyard...