Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Blacksmith Guide

Getting Sunshine the blacksmith to forge weapons for you is highly recommended. Some of the greatest weapons can be obtained with this method, and since you probably run into a lot of raw material during your travels, try it out! Unfortunately, the percentage is low for weapons like the Excalibur, but don't give up.

You'll also find some rusty items. Get Sunshine to fix them up for you!

Sunshine is found in Yallam which is located in the northern area of the Osenia continent. He'll offer to forge equipment for you if you bring him some raw materials, so don't throw them away! Once he starts working on it, leave the village and return. Talk to his wife and you'll be presented with a random item depending on what material is given. Given the difficulty of receiving a rare item with the limited amount of materials that can be received, it's very important to save before handing Sunshine your materials. That way, you can try again in case you aren't satisfied with the results.

Tear Stone Tear Stone Item List

  Item Name   Attack Defense Item Description
Cloud Wand Cloud Wand   Attack +98 Staff: Unleashes Stun Cloud
Clear Bracelet Clear Bracelet   Defense +31 Bracelet: Raises Water Power
Pure Circlet Pure Circlet   Defense +29 Circlet: Raises Water Power
Spirit Ring Spirit Ring   Ring: Restores 160 HP to all allies

Star Dust Star Dust Item List

  Item Name   Attack Defense Item Description
Comet Mace Comet Mace   Attack +105 Mace: Unleashes Ice Crush
Planet Armor Planet Armor   Defense +36 Armor: Raises elemental power
Luna Shield Luna Shield   Defense +33 Shield: Resists Earth
Astral Circlet Astral Circlet   Defense +32 Circlet: Raises PP
Stardust Ring Stardust Ring   Ring: Use to seal enemy's Psynergy

Sylph Feather Sylph Feather Item List

  Item Name   Attack Defense Item Description
Sylph Rapier Sylph Rapier Wind attribute Attack +124 Light Blade: Unleashes Mad Zephyr
Faery Vest Faery Vest   Defense +38 Clothes: Use to restore 200 HP
Aerial Gloves Aerial Gloves   Defense +37 Gloves: Raises Speed & Wind pwr
Floating Hat Floating Hat   Defense +34 Hat: Raises Luck, Resists Wind

Dragon Skin Dragon Skin Item List

  Item Name   Attack Defense Item Description
Dragon Shield Dragon Shield   Defense +26 Shield: Resists Fire
Dragon Mail Dragon Mail   Defense +44 Armor: Resists Water & Fire
Dragon Robe Dragon Robe   Defense +42 Robe: Resists Fire & Water
Dragon Helm Dragon Helm   Defense +42 Helm: Resists Water & Fire
Dragon Boots Dragon Boots   Defense +13 Boots: Raise Defense & Resist

Salamander Tail Salamander Tail Item List

  Item Name   Attack Defense Item Description
Burning Sword Burning Sword Fire attribute Attack +157 Light Blade: Unleashes Blaze Rush
Apollo's Axe Apollo's Axe Fire attribute Attack +158 Axe: Unleashes Flare Burst
Salamander Rod Salamander Rod   Attack +156 Staff: Unleashes Fire Dance
Ardagh Robe Ardagh Robe   Defense +44 Robe: Raises Fire Power & Resist
Flame Shield Flame Shield   Defense +44 Shield: Resists Fire

Golem Core Golem Core Item List

  Item Name   Attack Defense Item Description
Huge Sword Huge Sword Earth attribute Attack +155 Long Sword: Unleashes Heavy Divide
Gaia's Axe Gaia's Axe Earth attribute Attack +163 Axe: Unleashes Mother Earth
Tungsten Mace Tungsten Mace   Attack +159 Mace: Unleashes Hammersphere
Chronos Mail Chronos Mail   Defense +47 Armor: Raises HP
Titan Gloves Titan Gloves   Defense +43 Gloves: Raises HP

Mythril Silver Mythril Silver Item List

  Item Name   Attack Defense Item Description
Mythril Circlet Mythril Circlet   Defense +34 Circlet: Replenishes PP
Mythril Blade Mythril Blade   Attack +160 Long Sword: Unleashes Lethe Albion
Levatine Levatine   Attack +173 Cursed Sword: Unleashes Radiant Fire
Mythril Clothes Mythril Clothes   Defense +49 Clothes: Raises Evade
Mythril Armlet Mythril Armlet   Defense +46 Bracelet: Raises Evade
Mythril Helm Mythril Helm   Defense +44 Helm: Raises Evade

Dark Matter Dark Matter Item List

  Item Name   Attack Defense Item Description
Darksword Darksword   Attack +210 Cursed Sword: Unleashes Acheron's Grief
Stealth Armor Stealth Armor   Defense +48 Cursed Armor: Weak against Earth
Terra Shield Terra Shield   Attack +5 Defense +48 Cursed Shield: Raises Attack
Fear Helm Fear Helm   Attack +10 Defense +48 Cursed Helm: Raises Attack
Demon Circlet Demon Circlet   Defense +50 Cursed Circlet: Raises Evade

Orihalcon Orihalcon Item List

  Item Name   Attack Defense Item Description
Excalibur Excalibur   Attack +180 Long Sword: Unleashes Legend
Stellar Axe Stellar Axe   Attack +171 Axe: Unleashes Supernova
Nebula Wand Nebula Wand   Attack +165 Staff: Unleashes Reverse Star
Xylion Armor Xylion Armor   Attack +12 Defense +50 Armor: Raises Attack
Cosmos Shield Cosmos Shield   Defense +49 Shield: Resists all elements
Big Bang Gloves Big Bang Gloves   Defense +47 Gloves: Raises Fire Power
Millenium Helm Millenium Helm   Defense +45 Helm: Raises HP