Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Psynergy Guide

Earth Psynergy

  Growth PP 4 Create a surge in plant growth.
  Mad Growth PP 10 Strike with ferocious plants.
  Wild Growth PP 19 Strike with giant plants.
  Ragnarok PP 7 Strike with a massive sword.
  Odyssey PP 18 Pierce a foe with a colossal sword.
  Quake PP 4 Strike with a powerful quake.
  Earthquake PP 7 Strike with a mighty tremor.
  Quake Sphere PP 15 Strike with a massive quake.
  Spire PP 5 Strike with an earthen spire.
  Clay Spire PP 13 Strike with a spire of clay.
  Stone Spire PP 22 Strike with a stone spire.
  Gaia PP 7 Strike with the earth's might.
  Mother Gaia PP 17 Strike with the earth's power.
  Grand Gaia PP 32 Strike with the earth's fury.
  Cure PP 3 Restore at least 70 HP.
  Cure Well PP 7 Restore at least 150 HP.
  Potent Cure PP 10 Restore at least 300 HP.
  Revive PP 15 Revive a downed ally.
  Weapon Grace PP 13 Boost an ally's Attack with martial spirits.
  Roaring Dragon PP 16 Conjure a dragon whose roar brings doom.
  Slaying Dragon PP 32 Conjure a dragon's image to annihilate foes.
  Reigning Dragon PP 39 Conjure a mighty dragon to bring ruination.
  Thorn PP 6 Strike with stabbing thorns.
  Briar PP 11 Strike with sharpened briars.
  Nettle PP 23 Strike with stinging nettles.
  Haunt PP 5 Haunt a foe with an evil spirit.
  Curse PP 6 Draw the Spirit of Death to a foe.
  Condemn PP 8 Disable your enemy with evil.
  Psynergy Slam PP 12 Throw an enemy with shocking force.
  Psynergy Surge PP 20 Crush an enemy into the ground.
  Annihilation PP 18 Attempt to annihilate a foe.
  Punji PP 7 Strike with a bamboo weapon.
  Punji Trap PP 13 Strike with bamboo stakes.
  Punji Strike PP 24 Strike with bamboo spikes.
  Demon Night PP 12 Unleash a myriad of monsters.
  Thorny Grave PP 24 Summon a legion of loathsome fiends.
  Helm Splitter PP 8 Paralyze a foe with a mighty blow.
  Skull Splitter PP 8 Annihilate a foe by crushing its skull.
  Rockfall PP 5 Strike with a blast of rock.
  Rockslide PP 15 Strike with a deluge of rock.
  Avalanche PP 30 Strike with an overwhelming flood of rock.
  Undead Curse PP 5 Strike with the curse of living death.
  Undead Gloom PP 15 Strike with a hanging pall of death.
  Undead Might PP 30 Strike with the inevitability of mortality.
  Toxic Gift PP 28 Strike with blowing toxic sands.
  Fear Puppet PP 7 Paralyze multiple foes with fear.
  Move PP 2 Move an object on the ground.
  Retreat PP 6 Return to the dungeon's entrance.
  Grip PP 2 Grab objects or pull yourself toward them.
  Search PP 1 See beyond the visible realm.

Fire Psynergy

  Fireball PP 6 Ignite objects and foes with a ball of fire.
  Fire Orb PP 12 Strike with an engulfing sphere of flame.
  Inferno PP 23 Strike with a massive conflagration.
  Heat Wave PP 6 Strike with overwhelming heat.
  Liquifier PP 17 Seize a foe with the fires of truth.
  Flare PP 4 Strike with flaring flames.
  Flare Wall PP 7 Strike with searing flames.
  Flare Storm PP 12 Strike with incinerating flames.
  Starburst PP 7 Strike with a massive explosion.
  Nova PP 13 Strike with a blast like a star exploding.
  Supernova PP 31 Strike with a force that shakes the skies.
  Volcano PP 6 Strike with volcanic might.
  Eruption PP 14 Strike with a powerful volcanic blast.
  Pyroclasm PP 29 Strike with a massive blast of volcanic heat.
  Guard PP 3 Boost ally's Defense.
  Protect PP 5 Boost party's Defense.
  Impair PP 4 Drop enemy's Defense.
  Debilitate PP 6 Drop enemy party's Defense.
  Planet Diver PP 7 Leap skyward and lunge onto a foe.
  Planetary PP 19 Strike a foe with fire from the heavens.
  Blast PP 5 Strike with an explosive blast.
  Mad Blast PP 5 Strike with a staggering explosive blast.
  Fiery Blast PP 19 Strike with a massive, incinerating blast.
  Fume PP 6 Strike with a plume of flames.
  Serpent Fume PP 14 Strike with writhing serpents of fire.
  Dragon Fume PP 28 Strike with a fiery dragon spirit.
  Beam PP 7 Strike with a searing heat beam.
  Cycle Beam PP 14 Strike with a scorching ray.
  Searing Beam PP 36 Strike with bolts of incandescent fire.
  Keelhaul PP 6 Damage foes with a war cry of "Hyaa hooo!"
  Vicious Chop PP 15 Damage foes with a fiery chop.
  Arid Heat PP 4 Parch a target with desert heat.
  Arid Blast PP 9 Strike with a parching heat blast.
  Arid Scorch PP 15 Strike with a desiccating heat scourge.
  Fire Bomb PP 5 Strike with a bomb blast.
  Cluster Bomb PP 11 Strike with multiple, coordinated blasts.
  Carpet Bomb PP 29 Strike with densely packed blasts of fire.
  Dragon Cloud PP 6 Strike an enemy with dragon cloud.
  Epicenter PP 33 Strike with a draconic conflagratio nspirit.
  Lava Shower PP 4 Strike with a volcano's might.
  Molten Bath PP 12 Strike with a burning spray of liquid rock.
  Magma Storm PP 27 Strike with a great deluge of lava.
  Guardian PP 3 Boost Defense with divine might.
  Protector PP 5 Boost party Defense with divine might.
  Raging Heat PP 9 Call forth the fires of the pit.
  Fiery Abyss PP 18 Strike enemies with flames from below.
  Dire Inferno PP 32 Summon fires from the hottest depths.
  Crush PP 7 Smash an object.
  Thermal PP 3 Create a warm air current with fire energy.

Wind Psynergy

  Whirlwind PP 5 Blow away objects and foes with a tornado.
  Tornado PP 14 Strike with a mighty tornado.
  Tempest PP 27 Strike with a fearsome windstorm.
  Fresh Breeze PP 5 Restore at least 40 HP to all allies.
  Healthy Wind PP 8 Restore at least 80 HP to all allies.
  Healthy Gust PP 14 Restore at least 160 HP to all allies.
  Plasma PP 8 Strike with a barrage of bolts.
  Shine Plasma PP 18 Strike with a concentrated flurry of bolts.
  Spark Plasma PP 37 Strike with a coruscating surge of energy.
  Impact PP 7 Boost ally's Attack.
  High Impact PP 12 Boost party's Attack.
  Dull PP 6 Drop enemy Attack.
  Blunt PP 11 Drop enemy party's Attack.
  Ward PP 3 Boost Resistance.
  Resist PP 5 Boost party Resistance.
  Weaken PP 4 Drop enemy's Resistance.
  Enfeeble PP 6 Drop enemy party's Resistance.
  Sleep PP 5 Lull multiple foes to sleep.
  Bind PP 4 Block a foe's Psynergy.
  Bolt PP 4 Strike with a lightning bolt.
  Flash Bolt PP 7 Strike with a sudden flash of lightning.
  Blue Bolt PP 7 Strike with a mighty bolt from the blue.
  Slash PP 4 Strike with a blade of focused air.
  Wind Slash PP 9 Strike with a razor-sharp blade of air.
  Sonic Slash PP 20 Strike with a supersonic blade of wind.
  Ray PP 6 Strike with a magnetic storm.
  Storm Ray PP 10 Strike with a magnetic tempest.
  Destruct Ray PP 21 Strike with a tumult of magnetic force.
  Astral Blast PP 5 Strike with celestial force.
  Thunder Mine PP 16 Strike with ball lightning.
  Delude PP 4 Wrap multiple foes in delusion.
  Drain PP 3 Steal an enemy's HP and add it to your own.
  Psy Drain PP 0 Steal an enemy's PP and add it to your own.
  Beastform PP 8 Call on the power of the inner beast.
  Boon PP 4 Restore at least 80 HP with a gentle wind.
  Nature's Boon PP 8 Restore at least 180 HP with a gentle wind.
  Vital Boon PP 11 Restore at least 600 HP with a gentle wind
  Speed Punch PP 6 Delivers a punch at the speed of sound.
  Death Plunge PP 14 Leap high to deliver a crushing blow.
  Shuriken PP 8 Strike with a huge throwing star.
  Gale PP 3 Conjure a powerful windstorm.
  Typhoon PP 12 Strike with a ferocious windstorm.
  Hurricane PP 25 Strike with a furious storm of howling wind.
  Thunderclap PP 9 Strike with the storm's fury.
  Thunderbolt PP 19 Strike with the storm's thunderous rage.
  Thunderhead PP 39 Strike with the wrath of the storm god.
  Mist PP 4 Wrap a foe in a cloud of delusion.
  Quick Strike PP 12 Strike first in the turn with blinding speed.
  Demon Spear PP 7 Boost Attack with a demonic blade.
  Angel Spear PP 12 Boost Attack with a heavenly blade.
  Magic Shell PP 3 Boost Resistance with a psychic field.
  Magic Shield PP 5 Boost party Resistance with psychic shields.
  Slap PP 4 Slap a creature or object forcefully.
  Spirit Sense PP 1 Sense someone's heart, even beyond death.
  Track PP 1 Sniff out a faint smell.

Water Psynergy

  Douse PP 5 Create a raging downpour of water.
  Drench PP 10 Strike with a torrent of water.
  Deluge PP 20 Strike with a deadly flood.
  Ply PP 4 Restore at least 100 HP with faith.
  Ply Well PP 8 Restore at least 200 HP with faith.
  Pure Ply PP 12 Restore at least 1,000 HP with faith.
  Ice PP 5 Strike with spikes of ice.
  Ice Horn PP 11 Strike with blades of ice.
  Ice Missile PP 23 Strike with a massive ice projectile.
  Wish PP 9 Restore at least 80 HP to all allies.
  Wish Well PP 13 Restore at least 160 HP to all allies.
  Pure Wish PP 20 Restore at least 400 HP to all allies.
  Cure Poison PP 2 Cleanse the body of poison.
  Restore PP 3 Remove Sleep, Stun, and Delusion.
  Break PP 5 Eliminate an enemy's bonuses.
  Prism PP 7 Strike with ice crystals.
  Hail Prism PP 16 Strike with a crystal hail.
  Freeze Prism PP 31 Strike with chilling crystal.
  Froth PP 5 Strike with frothing bubbles.
  Froth Sphere PP 12 Strike with frenzied bubbles.
  Froth Spiral PP 31 Strike with a bubble vortex.
  Cold Snap PP 5 Conjure an icy chill that freezes solid.
  Coldforge PP 12 Strike a cold that freezes life.
  Frostbite PP 20 Strike with a bitter chill that reaches bone.
  Diamond Dust PP 6 Strike with crystalline ice.
  Diamond Berg PP 17 Freeze an enemy, then shatter it.
  Cool PP 6 Strike with freezing cold.
  Supercool PP 14 Strike with searing cold.
  Megacool PP 33 Strike with blistering cold.
  Cutting Edge PP 5 Inflict damage with a shock wave.
  Plume Edge PP 15 Strike with a foaming geyser.
  Avoid PP 5 Encounter fewer monsters.
  Insight PP 1 Learn what is most needed.