Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Djinn Guide

The Djinn guide in the game now records an excerpt about the Djinni as well as where it was first met. Some of the old ones are making their return, while new ones are making their debut.

Ever wonder why it has been said there were over 80 to collect? That's because there are 83 entries in the encylopedia. Some of them belong to Isaac and Garet, so you don't get to keep them.

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"Point of No Return"

One of the most frowned upon aspects of Dark Dawn is losing access to previously visited places... permanently.

Here, we've identified some points in the story that you should look out for. You can miss a lot of Djinni in the end, so be sure to check before reaching any point!

Note: Even though the walls close off the entrance to Belinsk Ruins, you can still use Retreat until Point 3 is reached.

Djinn You'll Miss If You Go to Cloud Passage via Passaj

This spirit is found in
Harapa. Brick's control
over stones allows
for the instant creation
of defensive barriers.
Boost party Defense with a hard covering.
HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck
+10 0 0 +3 +3 0
After obtaining Cold Snap and completing the Harapa Ruins, rest at the Harapa Inn to continue on with the story. Before you leave, go to the SW area of town and use Cold Snap on the puddle. Go to the east exit, but before completely exiting out, look to the left for a sapling. Use Growth and make your way to the ice pillar so you can enter the house.