Golden Sun

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Genre: Roleplaying
Players: 1~2 (competitions)
Japan: August 1st, 2001
America: November 12th, 2001
Europe: February 22nd, 2002
Reviewer Score
Famitsu 34/40
Nintendo Power 5/5
IGN 9.7/10
GameSpot 8.6/10
GameSpy 4/5
Thunderbolt Games 9/10
Cubed3 9/10
Nintendo Life 9/10

All things are composed of four elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. This is the science known as Alchemy. It was said that the elements held a power so enormous, it was possible to destroy the world...

Golden Sun, the game that started the series. Golden Sun is a Fantasy Role-playing game for the Game Boy Advance which puts you on a journey as weilders of a special magic stemmed from Alchemy. Ages ago, the secrets of Alchemy were sealed away for the safety of the world, but a chain of events began to provide evidence that a mysterious force was trying to set the elements into motion. Released in 2001, the game is known to some as a nostalgic experience from the SNES days and for pushing the handheld's graphics capabilities to the max.

The game was developed by Camelot Software Planning, the same company who created the Shining series and brought us some of the Mario sports games such as Mario Tennis and Mario Golf.



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