Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Accessory Guide

All characters can equip accessories. Each character can hold up to 1 ring and 1 class-changing item and as many Psynergy-bestowing items possible.


Rings (Breaks when used)

  Item Name Value Item Description
Adept Ring Adept Ring 3100 Ring: Use to restore 7 PP
War Ring War Ring 2600 Ring: Use to boost Attack
Sleep Ring Sleep Ring 1400 Ring: Use to Lull enemies to sleep
Healing Ring Healing Ring 800 Ring: Use to restore 70 HP
Unicorn Ring Unicorn Ring 1100 Ring: Use to remove poison
Fairy Ring Fairy Ring 2900 Ring: Acts like an Elixir in battle
Cleric's Ring Cleric's Ring 6400 Ring: Removes a curse's effects
Curse is removable
Spirit Ring Spirit Ring 3600 Ring: Restores 160 HP to all allies
Stardust Ring Stardust Ring 2500 Ring: Use to seal enemy's Psynergy
Guardian Ring Guardian Ring 1700 Ring: Increases HP
Max HP +20
Golden Ring Golden Ring 4000 Ring: Raises elemental resistance

Bestows Psynergy

  Item Name Item Description
Lash Pebble Lash Pebble Bestows Lash when equipped
Pound Cube Pound Cube Bestows Pound when equipped
Orb of Force Orb of Force Bestows Force when equipped
Douse Drop Douse Drop Bestows Douse when equipped
Frost Jewel Frost Jewel Bestows Frost when equipped
Lifting Gem Lifting Gem Bestows Lift when equipped
Halt Gem Halt Gem Bestows Halt when equipped
Cloak Ball Cloak Ball Bestows Cloak when equipped
Carry Stone Carry Stone Bestows Carry when equipped
Catch Beads Catch Beads Bestows Catch when equipped
Tremor Bit Tremor Bit Bestows Tremor when equipped
Scoop Gem Scoop Gem Bestows Scoop when equipped
Cyclone Chip Cyclone Chip Bestows Cyclone when equipped
Burst Brooch Burst Brooch Bestows Burst when equipped
Grindstone Grindstone Bestows Grind when equipped
Hover Jade Hover Jade Bestows Hover when equipped
Teleport Lapis Teleport Lapis Bestows Teleport when equipped

Class-Changing Items

  Item Name Value Item Description
Mysterious Card Mysterious Card 333 Card: Equip to change your class
Trainer's Whip Trainer's Whip 666 Whip: Equip to change your class
Tomegathericon Tomegathericon 999 Book: Equip to change your class