Golden Sun - Item Guide



  Item Name Uses Value Item Description
Antidote Antidote Single-use 20 Cures Poison
Apple Apple Single-use 500 Boosts Attack
Bone Bone Multiple uses 0 A delicious doggy treat
Bramble Seed Bramble Seed Single-use 50 Causes damage with thorns
Cell Key Cell Key Multiple uses 30 The key to the cells in Lunpa Fortress
Cookie Cookie Single-use 500 Boosts Maximum PP
Corn Corn Single-use 12 Replenishes 100 HP when used
Crystal Powder Crystal Powder Single-use 60 Causes damage with ice
Elixir Elixir Single-use 30 Cures Delusion, Stun, & Sleep
Empty Bottle Empty Bottle Multiple uses 1000 Extracts water from a magic spring
Game Ticket Game Ticket Multiple uses 50 Ticket for use in special game
Hard Nut Hard Nut Single-use 500 Boosts Defense
Herb Herb Single-use 10 Replenishes 50 HP
Hermes' Water Hermes' Water Single-use 2000 Replenishes all HP
Lucky Medal Lucky Medal Multiple uses 100 Medal for use in a special fountain
Lucky Pepper Lucky Pepper Single-use 500 Boosts Luck
Mint Mint Single-use 500 Boosts Speed
Nut Nut Single-use 200 Replenishes 200 HP
Oil Drop Oil Drop Single-use 30 Causes damage with flames
Potion Potion Single-use 1000 Replenishes all HP
Power Bread Power Bread Single-use 500 Boosts Maximum HP
Psy Crystal Psy Crystal Single-use 1500 Replenishes all PP
Sacred Feather Sacred Feather Single-use 70 Reduces monster encounters
Sleep Bomb Sleep Bomb Single-use 60 Lulls enemies to sleep
Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb Single-use 30 Obstructs enemies' sight
Vial Vial Single-use 500 Replenishes 500 HP
Water of Life Water of Life Single-use 3000 Revives Downed characters
Weasel's Claw Weasel's Claw Single-use 40 Causes damage with claws


Most of these items are used to progress with the story. They can't be sold.

  Item Name Item Description
Anchor Charm Anchor Charm A trinket in the shape of an anchor
Black Orb Black Orb Controls the ancient ship
Blue Key Blue Key The Blue door key from Crossbone Isle
Boat Ticket Boat Ticket A ticket needed to cross Karagol Sea
Dragon's Eye Dragon's Eye A shining red jewel with flames inside
Mystic Draught Mystic Draught A strangely colored mysterious potion
Red Key Red Key The Red door key from Crossbone Isle
Small Jewel Small Jewel A beautiful eye-shaped jewel