Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Prologue

Ages ago, or so the stories tell, the power of Alchemy ruled over the world of Weyard.

Alchemy wrought the base elements of humanity into thriving civilizations, like lead into gold.

But in time, man's dreams gave birth into untold strife.
Dreams of endless riches, of eternal life, of dominion all over that lived... Dreams of conquest of war.

These dreams would have torn the world apart if not for a few brave and wise men,
who sealed away the power of Alchemy deep in Mt. Aleph's Sol Sanctum.

Prologue from Book One

The town of Vale guarded the secret for many years, until Isaac and Jenna,
whose parents died in a storm 3 years before, disturbed the sanctum.

Saturos and Menardi, one of the Mars Clan, followed them into the sanctum.
With them traveled Jenna's brother, Felix, thought lost in that same tragic storm.

Saturos and Menardi stole the Elemental Stars, the keys to breaking the seal on the power of Alchemy,
and kidnapped Jenna and the scholar Kraden.

If these four jewels were used to fire the elemental lighthouses,
the seal on Alchemy would be broken.

Isaac and Garet set out to stop Saturos, rescue their friends,
and return the Elemental Stars to their home in Sol Sanctum.

They banded together with a young Wind Adept named Ivan
and pursued Saturos and Menardi to Imil, a winter-locked town near Mercury Lighthouse.

There, they met the guardian of the lighthouse, a Water Adept named Mia.
With her, they pursued Saturos to the aerie high atop Mercury Lighthouse.

Isaac was too late to stop Saturos from lighting the beacon and escaping.
Again Isaac chased him, crossing Angara to the shores of the Karagol Sea.

Taking passage on a troubled ship, Isaac crossed the Karagol to Tolbi.
He spoke with Tolbi's leader, a strange man named Babi.

Babi entered Isaac in Colosso as a test of his powers. Isaac's Psynergy won Colosso
and earned him Babi's trust. Babi revealed a great secret to Isaac...

Thanks to a mystic draught from the lost land of Lemuria, Babi had lived for 150 years!
He offered to help Isaac, who then headed deep into Gondowan.

In the town of Lalivero, Isaac learned that Saturos and Menardi
had kidnapped a young girl named Sheba, whom they needed within the lighthouse.

Isaac fought and defeated them atop the lighthouse, but he was too late - the beacon had been lit.

A great cataclysm followed. Sheba fell into the sea. Felix jumped in to save her,
but both were lost in the rolling waves. Jenna left the lighthouse to find them, but to no avail...

Isaac went to Lalivero, where Babi asked him to find Lemuria and the remaining lighthouses.
He gave Isaac a Lemurian ship to make the journey for the lost land.

This chapter of our story beings with Jenna, just before the beacon on Venus Lighthouse is lit...