Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Item Guide



  Item Name Uses Value Item Description
Weasel's Claw Weasel's Claw Single-use 40 Causes damage with claws
Water of Life Water of Life Single-use 3000 Revives Downed characters
Vial Vial Single-use 500 Replenishes 500 HP
Tear Stone Tear Stone Multiple uses 300 Water essence crystal (forgeable)
Sylph Feather Sylph Feather Multiple uses 700 Wind essence feather (forgeable)
Star Dust Star Dust Multiple uses 400 Rare metal from space (forgeable)
Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb Single-use 30 Obstructs enemies' sight
Sleep Bomb Sleep Bomb Single-use 60 Lulls enemies to sleep
Sea God's Tear Sea God's Tear Multiple uses 300 A jewel from the sea god's eye
Salamander Tail Salamander Tail Multiple uses 1400 A fiery lizard's tail (forgeable)
Sacred Feather Sacred Feather Single-use 70 Reduces monster encounters
Ruin Key Ruin Key Multiple uses 230 A key found in the ruins under Madra
Red Cloth Red Cloth Multiple uses 120 A fancy red scarf
Psy Crystal Psy Crystal Single-use 1500 Replenishes all PP
Pretty Stone Pretty Stone Multiple uses 300 A shining stone
Power Bread Power Bread Single-use 500 Boosts Maximum HP
Potion Potion Single-use 1000 Replenishes all HP
Orihalcon Orihalcon Multiple uses 4000 An ore of great power (forgeable)
Oil Drop Oil Drop Single-use 30 Causes damage with flames
Nut Nut Single-use 200 Replenishes 200 HP
Mythril Silver Mythril Silver Multiple uses 2000 Legendary dwarven metal (forgeable)
Mist Potion Mist Potion Single-use 9000 Restore 300 HP to all
Mint Mint Single-use 500 Boosts Speed
Milk Milk Multiple uses 90 Nutritious, delicious fresh milk
Magma Ball Magma Ball Multiple uses 800 A glowing, red ball of volcanic rock
Lucky Pepper Lucky Pepper Single-use 500 Boosts Luck
Lucky Medal Lucky Medal Multiple uses 100 Medal for use in a special fountain
Li'l Turtle Li'l Turtle Multiple uses 500 A turtle who's far from home
Laughing Fungus Laughing Fungus Multiple uses 700 A rare and delicious mushroom
Large Bread Large Bread Multiple uses 8 Nourishing bread that fights hunger
Herb Herb Single-use 10 Replenishes 50 HP
Healing Fungus Healing Fungus Multiple uses 300 A rare a delicious mushroom
Hard Nut Hard Nut Single-use 500 Boosts Defense
Golem Core Golem Core Multiple uses 1500 An Earth Elemental's heart (forgeable)
Game Ticket Game Ticket Multiple uses 50 Ticket for use in special game
Elixir Elixir Single-use 30 Cures Delusion, Stun, & Sleep
Dragon Skin Dragon Skin Multiple uses 1200 Scaly dragon hide (forgeable)
Dark Matter Dark Matter Multiple uses 3000 Twisted black stuff (forgeable)
Dancing Idol Dancing Idol Multiple uses 400 A sacred idol of unknown power
Crystal Powder Crystal Powder Single-use 60 Causes damage with ice
Corn Corn Single-use 12 Replenishes 100 HP when used
Cookie Cookie Single-use 500 Boosts Maximum PP
Cell Key Cell Key Multiple uses 30 The key to the cells in Lunpa Fortress
Bramble Seed Bramble Seed Single-use 50 Causes damage with thorns
Bone Bone Multiple uses 0 A delicious doggy treat
Apple Apple Single-use 500 Boosts Attack
Antidote Antidote Single-use 20 Cures Poison


Most of these items are used to progress with the story. They can't be sold.

  Item Name Item Description
Right Prong Right Prong The right tine of a trident
Red Key Red Key Key to red door in Jupiter Lighthouse
Left Prong Left Prong The left tine of a trident
Center Prong Center Prong The center piece of a trident
Blue Key Blue Key Key to blue door in Jupiter Lighthouse
Black Orb Black Orb Controls the ancient ship
Aquarius Stone Aquarius Stone The stone that leads the chosen one
Anchor Charm Anchor Charm A trinket in the shape of an anchor