Golden Sun Realm - About the Site

This is the section to learn about the site, contributions, and ways you can contact me.

History - The Short Version

Golden Sun Realm was officially opened on December 12th, 2001.

Isaac was standing faced forward on the ship sailing in the Karagol Sea -- the music beautifully matching the scene -- when I decided, "I want to make a Golden Sun site!"

And that's when it all started...


Here are a couple of email addresses I'm using. The first one has a higher priority, but I still keep the second one around as a back-up.

  • cinder AT
  • cinderquil AT

You can also probably find me in the chatroom (IRC) or through the forums.


Upon request, I will give a short talk about affiliation here. As we're trying to maintain a smaller list of affiliates, we are not really accepting any at the moment. But if you would like to throw in the request anyway, don't hesitate to do so! As far as our requirements go, it'd be preferred if it was a site relatable to Golden Sun in some way (Nintendo, RPG, etc) and if it wasn't a forum-only site.

This Layout

The main program that was used for imagery was Adobe Photoshop CS3. Used brushes made by hawksmont and muzika08.

The layout itself is heavily influenced by Dark Dawn. I'm not sure if I need to elaborate on that.

An initial version of the layout was started in June 2010 and was somewhat finished in the first week of July. It eventually got scrapped and I started anew shortly after. This version became the one I stuck with, and replaced the previous one in the latter half of September 2010. A new layout was something I wanted to achieve many years prior.

Site tested with the latest versions of Firefox and Safari. IE8 is green-lit, IE7 and Safari decided that being off one pixel was cool, and IE6 is begging me to put in a transparency hack.

Contributions and a Ton of Thanks

  • The people of the forums who are so speedy with Dark Dawn info!
  • Nyroeon (Kumoko): For your hard work when you were here
  • Mystic Goten: Optimized an earlier layout, converted ikonboard to phpBB
  • Maverik (Golden Sun Network): Always helped me out back then!
  • Gary, LaPsToIsE, Neo: Helped fill in a few Psynergy in an early version of the guide
  • Discovering all the broken links/screenshots when GSR moved for the first time
  • SuicuneSol: Taking care of the fan fiction site

A Very Special Thanks to the Following...

Don't Forget These Guys!

Thank you all who have supported this website.