Dark Dawn is out; New rules in effect
Hello community. This is SuicuneSol, your local sub-site administrator. As fans have known for a while now, Dark Dawn is out. As such, we're going to have a new, very-simple rule in effect.

Keep spoilers regarding the game's plot out of the comments.

Same goes for new pieces of fanfiction. Let the reader know first that there are spoilers. This rule should be in effect until at least the end of the year. I apologize for any damage that GSDD spoilers have already caused.

That's it. Happy writing.


--SuicuneSol on December 04, 2010 10:10:46 pm 33 Comments
E-mail Me For Technical Support
Well, it looks like our troubles aren't over yet. I checked the log and it sends lost passwords/resets to me, but not to the two recent users for some reason...

If you are having trouble after registration, or logging in, or anything that prevents you from commenting or communicating, please send an e-mail to

Please, let me know about it and the messages you get so we can finally nail the last problem down. I swear I'm going to go gray at this rate, lol.

--Cinder on July 25, 2010 07:46:32 am 27 Comments
Looking for Admins and Help
Hey guys, finally got everything migrated to the new server and upgraded to the newest version. It was a hell of a ride.

Let me know in the comments if anything doesn't work. Or if you can think of a new name for the place.

Now I'm looking for some help to cover this section of the site. I'm not a writer myself, so I'm only good for the backend. This sounds ridiculous, but I also need help on writing the Terms of Service. Just reply in the comments. Thanks!

--Cinder on July 08, 2010 01:45:56 am 17 Comments
Results for everything

Well, it took a long time to post these results, but here they are. One big problem was the sheer lack of judges for the OC Tourney. As it stands, only three judges sent in any choices. Nibirus Starshine, myself, and... some other guy who I am not sure has an alias. An anonymous person also volunteered to judge, but I have not heard back from him in a few weeks. I've decided that I can no longer put this off, and will now announce Blazing Aura's victory in the OC Tourney.

Congratulations, Blazing Aura. You finally did it.

I would also like to announce the winner of the last tourney. Dracobolt won by default because nobody sent in a competing entry. Read her entry anyways. And leave a review. I'm sure she'll love it.

I will put up my review of BA's and Isaac's stories tomorrow.

As for news regarding the next tourney, I will not be starting it until I'm sure there is enough interest.

--SuicuneSol on November 30, 2009 11:54:58 pm 44 Comments
OC Tourney Results; Tournament Kibombo 2009
So, like, we have no more time.

Halloween is fast approaching.

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching. And, like, nobody is going to be writing Golden Sun fics during that time.

I wanted to wait until I finished reading Isaac's entry, but it's taking so long and I'm only on Chapter 7, and every chapter feels like the final chapter. I'll finish the rest tomorrow and edit this post to include the results. In the meantime...

Let's begin the next tourney right now.

The Theme is...

A story of creation.

Create a Bible-like story/summary of how Weyard came to be. It can be a fantastical tale of creation, a rigid, scientific explanation, an archiac, epic poem, or something else entirely. The choice is yours. It doesn't even have to be serious. The story should cover everything from the beginning of time, to the famous sealing of psynergy within the lighthouses.

There is a special rule this time around. Although your story may cover as many years as you please, there will be a word limit (for the first time) of 2500 words, the purpose of which is to make the tourney easier to handle within the limited 2-week time frame, as well as to test writers on how much content they can cram in without sacrificing readability, yet still be captivating.

The tourney will end on Halloween, October 31st, at 12:00am Pacific Standard time. This is 3:00am in Eastern Time aka. 3 hours later.

I understand that the turnout may not be that great this time around, so I will call this a mini-tourney instead.

We will take three judges. I will be one. Two people should volunteer themselves.

Ask in the comments section if you have questions.

--Sui-kun on October 15, 2009 10:43:06 pm 62 Comments
Summer Character Past Tourney Results, Apologies
I'm sorry, guys. Taking over a month to announce the results of a tourney is due to my utter resistance of going through the effort of gathering all of the votes, reading the entries myself, and reading all of the comments complaining that I'm taking too long. It's like I'm getting burned out on posting these newsposts.

Anyways, I'm guessing you're all dying to read the results.

The winner of the Summer Character Past Tourney is......

Well, we haven't received Nibirus's choice yet. Therefore, the following is subject to change. Kyarorain is currently the winner, and fire_guardian_flame is the current runner-up. But if Nibirus chooses Bathtime (fire_guardian_flame) as her first choice, fire_guardian_flame will become the winner. If Nibirus chooses Bathtime as a second choice, and "Peace of Mind" starring Ivan (Kyarorain) is not her winning choice, fire_guardian_flame and Kyarorain will be tied. If they are tied, we will need a tie breaker, and someone else will have to volunteer themselves, lest we flip a coin.

Dracobolt, WindSorcererScarlet, your entries were actually fun to read. But they didn't quite make it. ^_^; Please try again next time.

EDIT: Nibirus has sent in her choice. fgf wins. congrats.


We will not begin the next tourney until all preceding tournies are over and done with.

--SuicuneSol on September 13, 2009 11:47:01 am 86 Comments
The Next Tournament Is FINALLY HERE~!!
EDIT: BTW, deadline was extended for July 20th.

Hello everyone.

After nearly half a year of the OC Tournament, we will finally return to regularly scheduled tourneys. I know you've waited a long time, so we've decided to host a tournament that will be very easy to get into.

The topic will be:

Character pasts.

This means that all entries must feature a character when they were in their younger days, be it Isaac and Garet when they were in elementary school, or Kraden when he was a tall, dark, and handsome stud. Or perhaps Piers when he was a boy. Maybe Alex and Mia when they were still good friends. The possibilities are endless.

You have one month to finish. I expect all entries to be in by National French Fries Day. That is July 13th.

If you want to be a judge (we need 5), state in the comments section exactly as you see it: "OMG GOLDEN DS IS GONNA ROCK!"

As for the OC Tournament Participants, IsaacLives and Blazing Aura... if you guys take too long, I may have to set a deadline date. :/ Really, I don't want to. The most I'll wait is two months.

Anyways, good luck!

--SuicuneSol on June 12, 2009 09:08:25 pm 161 Comments
o______o THE FINAL ROUND, EDIT: Golden Sun (DS) revealed at E32009
EDIT 2: ATTENTION PLEASE: Cinder, Administrator of GSR, has switched the domain of the Golden Sun Fanfictions site. As you can see, the URL is now Very simple. As a result of the server change, some links might be faulty. Let me know here in the comments section if something doesn't work.

EDIT: Hi guys. Just decided to make an edit to the newspost to let ya'll know that a new Golden Sun was revealed today at E3. Apparently, a brief trailer was shown.

I got the information from my usual source:

I apologize, dearies. We sort of ran out of judges. Well, sort of. He had three judges this time. Blazing Aura, Nibirus Starshine, and me made the calls. In the end:

IsaacLives defeated Vorlan.
And SuicuneSol forfeited, thus allowing Blazing Aura to pull ahead to the Final Round.

And so. Now, the two, greatest pairs of warriors on the continent of Weyard are coming head to head. The both of them together carry all of the scrolls of Bayiran that have the power to grant all wishes. Who will win? Who will die? What will they wish for? Will it be for World Peace? Or World War?

And so, the Final Round of this intrepid journey begins.

Atlas & Tressa vs. Erelan & Marisa

No time limit. No word limit. BEGIN!

On another note, after this LOOONG tournament ends... we will return to the long-awaited regular tournaments that made the site semi-popular. Please feel free to discuss what kind of tournament we shall have. Lurkers may enter, as well as old veterans. PM all your Golden Sun pals. And invite your friends and grandma.

Good luck, my children.

--SuicuneSol on May 25, 2009 10:33:19 pm 79 Comments
Third Round Begins
I don't really have time tonight, so....

BA beat Sol Adept.
Vorlan beat Eagle
I beat fgf. (disqualified)
Isaac beat Okami.

Sol Adept is out.
Eagle is out.
fgf is out.
And Okami is out.

Thanx for playing. Insert another 25c to play again! j.k. It was great having you. I really hope you aren't discouraged and come write again!

Since I don't have time to do a formal chart...

SuicuneSol vs. Blazing Aura
Isaac vs. Vorlan

I didn't like the match-ups and wanted to switch em around, but it guess it's gotta be the way it's gotta be.

The deadline is APRIL 26th. Plenty of time. Happy writing.

--SuicuneSol on April 12, 2009 08:29:03 pm 76 Comments
Second Round Begins
EDIT: Deadline has been extended. The deadline is now the midnight of April 5th. That's 12 AM PST, and 3 AM EST.

Calling all participants back! Calling all participants back!

Sorry for the long wait. Results for first round:

Amon (Vorlan) beat Xarxies (Sol Adept).
Atlas & Tressa (IsaacLives) beat Rinabel (fire_guardian_flame).
Erelan & Marisa (Blazing Aura) beat Eliot (Okami)
Marian & Cruiser (Sui-kun) beat Dazirus (W C Eagle).

The results were pretty much unanimous.

And so, the second round begins:

The red numbers mean how many scrolls that character has. I think we can assume now that there are eight scrolls, and each character has one. Since Xarxies, Rinabel, Dazirus, and Eliot have all lost their scrolls, Erelan & Marisa, Atlus & Tressa, Amon, and Marian & Cruiser now have two scrolls each.

One must lose twice to be considered out of the tournament. If one who has 0 scrolls loses in this round, he or she will be out of the tourney, and the character is free to be murdered by the opponent. However, if one who has 2 scrolls loses in this round, he or she loses all of his or her scrolls to the opponent. The loser is not eliminated, however. The winner gains the two of those scrolls.


Marian & Cruiser (2 scrolls) lose to Rinabel( 0 scrolls)
Marian & Cruiser lose all of their scrolls, and Rinabel gains them. Thusly, both characters have lost at least once. If either one loses again in the future, they will be eliminated.

Goddamn this system. I don't like it.

Good luck! ^_^

EDIT: Oh, yeah. The deadline is April 3rd, midnight.

--SuicuneSol on March 24, 2009 04:38:16 pm 106 Comments
First Round Begins
Alright, all of the profiles (save for mine) are in and raring to go.

Here are the match-ups!

It's funny, as soon as I finished making that, I realized, "Oh no! One must be defeated twice before he is out of the tournament. And so that chart is slightly inaccurate. That being said, your opponents for the first round have been decided. My character's profile should be finished by tonight.

Everyone, you have 2 weeks to write your story. That is, round 1 will end on March 13th. You must forgive me, but the title of your entries must have this format:

Character 1 vs. Character 2 [R1][2009]

Character 1 MUST be the personal character of the one writing that version of the story. Character 2 MUST be the opposing character. This is so that we can tell from who's viewpoint we're reading the battle from.
R1 means round one. This means that you should use R2 once we enter round 2.

I would write...

Gong Tsao Mein vs. Dazirus [R1][2009]

While WCEagle would write...

Dazirus vs. Gong Tsao Mein [R1][2009].

Hopefully you all understand. Anyway, if you have questions ask them in the comments section. Good luck.

--SuicuneSol on February 27, 2009 02:08:39 pm 178 Comments
OC Tourney Preparations; Rules
Hi guys. Yes, indeed. A long time since we've had a new newspost here. It's mainly procrastination on my part. Since this particular operation is not exactly standard protocol, I knew this would take more effort on my part.

Luckily, I have Isaac to borrow a story and rules from. With a little editting, we can make this work. Oh, and I apologize in advance. I may have to abridge your version of the story a little bit to make it a little less cumbersome to read, while I'll be removing, changing, and adding to your list of rules. Let me know if you see a problem with the rules here.

This means that all who want to participate should begin on their character profiles. Now, since they are just profiles I don't expect anyone to go writing a multi-page pamphlet on their super, mega, lightning babe. I want to be able to read every profile without turning it into a standard judging of a tournament. Save your skills and time for the battles to come.

Again, post in the comments box if you have something to say. I will allow two weeks for all to type their profiles. This means that sign-ups will close on the 22nd of February. I'd rather make it the 15th, but hey some people will likely complain about having no time if I did that.

First of all...

What is an OC Tournament?
OC Tournaments are battles between the original characters of a pair of writers. Both writers would draw up an original character(s) and pit him or her against the original characters of another by writing out how the battle occurs. That is, both writers would write their own individual accounts of the battle between the two characters, and its outcome, of course with each writer allowing his own OC to win. Then, an impartial source (a judge) would read both accounts, and decide which one is more interesting. Whichever is more interesting would allow its writer to move on to the next round where he or she would face another writer who defeated his last opponent. In addition, the injuries that an OC receives in battle are sustained. Meaning, if your pink, rabbit elf had his leg torn off by a football vampire, that rabbit is going to have a serious handicap in the next round which could possibly be his demise. The process would be repeated over and over until one OC remains standing. That OC is the winner.

OC Tourneys have gone through a number of evolutions, but this is so far the most fair and latest rendition of them.

Yes, there is a world and a storyline that your characters must fit into. It is Weyard, the world of Golden Sun. But not the one that we know. It is now a world that has flourished with the release of psynergy. Now, everyone has special powers! Of course, that means it's not special anymore.

Anyways, there was this dude named Bayiran who was really powerful. He could make flowers bloom, the earth crumble, and the waters part. He could cure people, and bring them back from the dead. He was like a God.

Then something bad happened. In a war, a girl was killed. Bayiran then killed the girl's killers. Bayiran then killed himself for some reason, and turned his knowledge and powers into many scrolls that he decided should be scattered all over the world so only the worthy can find them and re-awaken him for an important reason.

Countless years later, OCs find themselves in the position of owning each of Bayiran's scrolls. Thus, the quest to gather them all begins. Each scroll-bearer must find the others, do battle, take the other's scroll, and assemble them all to complete Bayiran the Mighty, the being who will grant you anything what you want, be it his own power, his infinite knowledge, or his ability to cure death. Basically, he's a genie.

Each OC must have a reason for going on the quest and attaining each scroll.

For the unabridged version, visit:


1) This tournament is set twenty five years after the adept returned to Vale.
2) Your OC cannot be a descendent of the famous eight. Descendants of minor characters are allowed, although you better explain why we haven’t heard of Lunpa’s long lost cousin.
3) You can begin the tournament with no more than one Djinni per participant, but can acquire more from other combatants. Djinn are also first come, first serve, and if another writer submitted a bio involving the same djinn you use before you, they will be granted the djinn.
4) We use double elimination. That means you have to lose twice to be permanently out. This also means that you cannot kill your opponent unless they have already lost once.
5) On that note, you don’t even have to kill any of your opponents. As long as the judges are convinced that they will not continue searching for Bayiran, it’s a win. This could be done by inflicting debilitating injuries, granting them an alternate method of fulfilling their wish, convincing them not to continue, etc.
6) Your character also does not have to be a straight-up fighter. As long as they acquire the scrolls from their opponent in some way, it is a victory. This could be done by thievery, convincing, betting the scrolls, deciding to travel together, tricking them with fake scroll, etc.
7) Any time that someone loses, their opponent always acquires all of their scrolls. I don’t particularly care if you cut your arm open and hid the scroll in there, your opponent still found it. A loss is a loss.
8) Feel free to make very in-depth stories for your character(s). Within the word limit, you can do almost anything you want. You can fight people besides your opponents. You can flesh out relationships between multiple combatants. You can use flashbacks to teach us more about your character. Really, try and be as creative as possible and use every word wisely.
9) Entries marginally longer than the word limit will be accepted, but your opponent will be given the same amount of extra words if they wish to use them. Entries longer than 4000 words will never be accepted.
10) This rule has been changed. Now, any request for information about your character must be granted via PROFILE. If your opponent wants to know about your character's favorite food, you are required to answer. The same goes for his greatest weakness. The reason is that it makes no sense for the character himself to reveal his greatest weakness.
11) It is highly recommended that you read the other entries in the tournament. Anything that happens in any winning story changes the world that your story is set in, and I doubt judges will like reading about your character fighting alongside someone who was killed in another entry.
12) If you’ve got the djinn, you can summon. But keep in mind that only set djinn will grant you a stat bonus, and that both before and after a summon your character will be noticeably weaker.
13) If you plan on making another writers character continue to have a role in your story after they lose, as a traveling companion, enemy, helper, etc, ask permission.
14) Your story cannot feature any of the OC’s involved in the tournament except for yours and your opponents, unless the scenes featuring them are set away from your character. Reviving or interacting with dead OC’s is allowed, but see rule 13.
15) This rule has been changed. Now, your character cannot cast psyenergy bestowed by an item (i.e. cloak, force, frost, etc.) unless they possess that item. These special items are rare, and any more than three are not likely to exist in the world, with the exception of the Cloak Ball--there is only one Cloak Ball. Make sure to write a decent reason for your character's having of it. You do not need to be related to the heroes of the games to have one, though being so would be a nice touch. These also are first come first serve. (see rule 2)
16) Your character does not have to be an adept.
17) There is ample precedent that it is possible to learn psyenergy from multiple elements, which your character may also do. However, if they are able to cast psyenergy from multiple elements, each type will be proportionally weaker. Provide an explanation for their being able to do this.
18) Your character may have powers not specifically mentioned in the game. Keep in mind that if you don’t put leashes on your own powers, your opponents will, and they want you to win much less.
19. No Sol and Luna elements. You can, however, use any psyenergy in the game that your character is capable of, with logical limits of course. For instance, a character cannot use the Tomegathericon with a Trainer's Whip.
20. The Tomegathericon, Trainer's Whip, and Mysterious Card are unique items. There exists only one of each. First come first serve.
21. Since the world has probably greatly advanced in psyenergetic technology since its release 25 years ago, it is safe to say that some of the cities and towns you once knew in the game are no longer a bunch of huts and trees. Of course, they ain't Gotham City either. Vale, however, will stay as a village. The people of Vale like it that way.

22. Otherwise, everything else is a-okay. Have fun!
23. OH, I almost forgot. PROFILES. IsaacLives's profile is absolutely massive. Learn to summarize. This is a profile. Not a story. If you really want to put a story in your profile, make sure to summarize for those too lazy. Some people don't have time to search for details in a wall of text.
Click here to see IsaacLives's semi-good example of a profile:

BTW, I had a look at some of those profiles for the OC tourneys on deviantArt. Lilith is so SICK!! OH MI GOD/d! I SO WANT TO do an OC tourney on deviantArt! So much more cool than writing! ACHCKK!! Somehow I feel OC tourneys done via just text lack the charm that a deviantArt tourney has.

Anyways, tourney prep begin. Deadline for profiles is 22nd of February. After that, I'll draw up a *heheheheheheh* chart that determines who will fight who! I'll decide by writing names down, putting them in a hat, and drawing the slips of paper one by one. No complaints. This is fair, right?

SECONDLY, I need three volunteers who will be the impartial sources who will decide who lives and who dies. It's not urgent, of course, but it's always nice to have options.

Once again, tourney prep begin. After the 22nd of February, the actual tournament should begin almost immediately afterwards on the 23rd. Further dates are up for debate.

Happy Writing!


--Sui-kun on February 08, 2009 12:33:22 pm 91 Comments
Merry Christmas, dearies.
Yo. How's everyone doin'? Christmas nice and merry? Getting a nice whiff of that chill sweeping across the continent? School is good? School is great?! YeS! So now, let us begin. Hajimemashou!

--SuicuneSol on December 24, 2008 02:51:06 pm 65 Comments
Suggest an Idea
Hey there, I'm glad to see everyone well.

Just popping in with a simple request -- what character(s) do you want to see in the banner for this site? What do you want to see him/her/them doing? Yes, I mean this very fanfiction website!

I'm willing to take a request, so throw in your idea and it may be considered! Thanks!

--Cinder on November 06, 2008 02:16:59 pm 65 Comments
Golden Sun Fanfictions Tournament Contigo 2008
I'm sorry it took so long, boys and girls. Although I think not all of the judges were present this time, it's pretty much unanimous.

Winner is Gatekeeper, by Blazing Aura. And Dante's fic, Meadow's of Heaven, is the runner-up. Congratulations, you two. And to everyone else. Draco's fic and Okami's fic came close too.

(I'm never judgin' again x_X)

In the meantime, enjoy NaNoWriMo!

Good evening, everyone.

Today is the eve of August 31, just two minutes before the clock hits midnight and the day turns into September 1st. I am tired. Quite tired. I went to Laguna Beach today, a beach on the beautiful California coast with lots of shirtless, young, tanned guys and young, tanned girls in bikinis. It's a very high-class place with tons of kids, dogs everywhere, art galleries, and restaurants that serve delectable, but expensive food. I had hopes of getting into a Volleyball game, but my sister wouldn't let me be her partner because I wasn't cool enough for her. >_> Anyways, I went to this place called "Taco Loco" (spanish for Crazy Taco) that served some pretty good and unique Mexican tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and burgers, despite the incredibly tiny set-up in front of a parking garage. Such items on their menu were swordfish, calamari, tofu and mushrooms, and hemp (marijuana without the zing). As you might have guessed, it is pretty popular. Although the atmosphere is crammed and the tables are small and the rubber seats have monkey faces on them and there's no salsa bar and Gregorian music is playing while cars are honking in a traffic jam just a few feet away, there must be something about this place that is very attractive, as a line tends to accumulate.

So I decided to get (after much deliberation) a Calamari Burger, a decently sized burger with a grilled, mouth-watering Calamari fillet, crisp lettuce, refreshing tomato, mustard and mayo with ketchup, guacamole and medium-spicy salsa, on a fluffy, wheat, sesame seed bun. For just 7 bucks.

To be quite honest, it was good. It was very good. Unfortunately, there was little service, the tables were too dirty, there was no salsa bar (but a girl who put it on for you), the interior of the stand was incredibly tiny, and the seating and tables were slanted as though an earthquake had caused the sidewalk to cripple into a bunch of hills. I was also unsatisfied by the food, as there wasn't enough of it. I had some tortilla chips to replace fries, but no salsa! This place really is the Crazy Taco!

Anyways, tonight we're beginning the next season of GSRealm Fanfiction Tournaments. If I can recall, last tourney was a Crossover Tourney. This time we've got...

...just a regular tourney.

Yes, for the first time since the first contest was held, we'll be having a theme-less contest. That means you can write about anything you want at all, as long as its somehow Golden Sun-related. No strings attached. Just raw imagination.

As for judges, if you want to be a judge, leave a comment in the comments' section below. State in that comment: "I love _____" and say what kind of food you like to eat.

We will have five judges maximum.

1. Sui-kun
2. Dragon Warrior
3. Manzin
4. Dracobolt
5. Dante

I would be thrilled if every judge was committed to being a judge. Oh, and make sure to leave a review for ALL the entries. If you don't, a swordfish will come into your room while you're asleep and pierce you.

The Deadline will be October 1st, on Rosh Hashanah.


Hey ya'll! Extension. ^_^ New date is October 9th, which is Yom Kippur and Leif Erikson Day! Remember to meet it! =DD

Happy writing!

--Sui-kun on September 01, 2008 12:19:16 am 186 Comments
IsaacLives wins with Penumbra. Congratulations.

Dracobolt and Okami tie for runner-up. We did not have a 5th judge to break the tie. So...

We'll do a vote. Choose either "Unexpected Guest" or "Isaac and the Unicorns". Everyone can vote. And voting ends in one week.

EDIT: Dracobolt wins.

Congratz. Once again. And again. And again.

Stay tuned for the next tourney (which will return to a non-themed tourney).

--SuicuneSol on July 29, 2008 10:29:51 pm 47 Comments
Summer Tournament Crossbone Isle 2008
Good afternoon, my puppies. Today is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there, and be proud that you're mothers! Don't forget to hug and kiss your own mothers too, for a mother also has a mother of her own. Therefore, the oldest mothers need to be celebrated more!
Speaking of mothers, I will also announce our first summer tournament today. It's not yet summer, yes. But spring is coming to a close even faster than summer is approaching.

This month's tourney name is Summer Tournament Crossbone Isle 2008, in the spirit of our theme.


Such a theme is very popular in all sorts of fanfiction-- some hate it, some love it. Whatever the case, write an awesome Golden Sun Crossover fic, send it into the Crossbone Isle box, and in one month's time our specially selected five judges shall judge them all. The winner shall receive one month's worth of limited-edition "Wasabi Pocky" and a special-edition Isaac action figure, complete with an inflatable hand recognizable as the "Move" psynergy! The runner-up shall receive a $10.00 Gift Card for use at your local Wal-Mart!

Deadline is Father's Day, June 15th.

If you wish to be a judge, please post in the comments box "My favorite flavor of Pocky is~" and then say what your favorite flavor of Pocky is. Remember, the responsibility of the judges is to review every single entry that is entered. If you can, give a hot and juicy review that is sure to leave the author drooling for more. In addition to reviewing all the entries, you will send your choice for "Winner" and "Runner-up" to You need not explain why you chose what you chose, as you will have reviewed the entries, but a little extra info can never hurt.

Have fun writing your Crossovers! Further questions can be asked in the comments box.

1. SuicuneSol
2. Dracobolt
3. Dante
4. Judgment
5. ChowChow

--SuicuneSol on May 11, 2008 05:17:44 pm 181 Comments
Da Results
Damn, when I submitted the long explanation the page refreshed and I lost my article. In my annoyance, you're just going to get the bare minimum. If you want comments, read the reviews. We've got a healthy batch.

The winner is Shelter for the Night, by Blazing Aura
The runner-up is Pandora, by IsaacLives

Shelter for the Night, by Blazing Aura (1)(1)(1)
Cheesy Epic of Golden Sun, by Sui-kun(1)(1)

Pandora, by IsaacLives (1)(1)(1)
Waiting for Garet, by Dracobolt (1)(1)

Thank you for participating. Stay tuned for the next one.

--SuicuneSol on May 03, 2008 12:35:55 pm 47 Comments
The Next One

So, here I am eating my breakfast. Eggs. Sausage. Potatoes. Pears. Water. And so I thought, "Wow, I better post the next tourney or wind sorceror is going to poke me again tonight." Well, okay.

It's going to be called Spring Tournament Champa 2008.

The theme?

A fic done in script form, be it a script for a play or a movie script. You know...

[SuicuneSol clears his throat.]
SuicuneSol: Like this! ^_^

The deadline will be April 7th 2008. What?! That's not a holiday, you say? Blasphemy! That is the day that the release date for Haruhi Season 2 is announced! It is indeed a holiday! Don't tell me otherwise!

Judging will be done a little different this time around.
This time, all judges will be REQUIRED to review all the contest fics. Or, you're not a judge. Remember-- just review. Provide your input. Your criticism. How much you liked it. Anything at all.
The choices of the judges for Winner and Runner-up get emailed to ME at Don't use the other one. Use THAT one.

If you care to be a judge, make a comment saying, "Because I am a judge, I will review every single entry in Tournament Champa by April 7th, the day that the SOS-Brigade storms into my house and turns my life upside-down."

1. Dante
2. Dracobolt
3. wind sorceror

I am aware that you are given less than a month to write your entry. If you have complaints about it, feel free to express them as an organized, political party.

--SuicuneSol on March 12, 2008 10:52:04 am 182 Comments
Tournament Prox 2008 Results
It is now 1:30 AM Pacific Standard Time. I am tired, especially after reading that outstanding fic called Amaranth. Took me two hours, but it was good.

I all promised you results before the night ends. KKKKKKKKK
heerr thay r

The judges were me, Dracobolt, Dante, Jester, and fire_guardian_flame.

It was pretty much unanimous.

Amaranth, by Sora G. Silverwind/Reileen, has prevailed.

It is followed by Through the Fire and Flames


Really, we had a really good turn out of good fics this time. I'm pleased with our GSfiction quality.

Amaranth is the tale of a girl who is visited by a divine entity to save the world. Obviously. To get the juicy details, read the juicy fic.

Through the Fire and Flames is a chronicle of a man and his rival growing up through the years, building their own empires, and crushing other's, eventually coming to the conclusion that one must die while the other survives. But it isn't as simple as that. Found out how complicated it can be by reading it!

Dracobolt expressed her pleasure with Reileen's fic by saying "Amaranth was perfection in fic form."

"...the way you developed each of the characters in only about 20000 words was amazing," said SuicuneSol in awe in a recently typed review. "Each chapter was really good in it's own way."

"I like that the number of characters introduced is kept low, which makes it that much easier to develop them in detail," Jester added in a heated judging room. " seems clear that the author spent some time polishing it up."

Dante declined to say anything on the award-winning fic, but I am sure that what he would have said would not have been dissimilar.

His own fic managed to hold its own in this tourney. SuicuneSol himself was having difficulty deciding between Amaranth and Through the Fire and Flames.
"It was just so difficult," said he one late Friday night. "Very epic."

"Dante's story was incredibly vivid," Dracobolt added with brevity.

"Personally, I love the storyline, and the almost political things going on," fire_guardian_flame stated in a rampage of fondness. "I like the scriptlike descriptions, the way you do the time skips. You give the state of things, without sounding as if the whole time didn't matter. You don't go, "Ten years later, and they are all older." Because that's just obvious. Ten years later, of course you're older! I love how you describe the things that really matter, the things we as readers need to know."

"The author is most obviously a skilled writer, and the plot is most definitely very enthralling," Jester added in his input in a well-typed email. "However, it felt to me as though too many characters were being introduced, so when something significant happened to a character, even one intended to be a major character, it was hard to actually feel invested in them. In the same vein, the battle scene at the end felt too long-winded for my tastes."

And that's it. *clap* *clap* *clap*

Stay tuned for a more inspired version of Tournament Prox 2008. I'm tired and I want to go to bed.

In the meantime, the next tourney will be coming.... sooon.....
And I'm going to be in it. For sure. Commitment.

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