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Hi peoples. To anyone who know me i'm originally a person, but i've decided to create an account here as well, where i will also be posting my stories, I may even do an exclusive only fo this site, time will tell. I mainly do parodies. I have provided a link below to my fanfiction profile, because thats basically my homepage. Fullmetal Alchemist and mudshipping rock.

Random Philosphical Moments:

People can't be perfect for one simple reason, if one person was perfect, everybody would be perfect, if everybody was perfect, nobody would be unique. Our flaws are what makes us different, And those differences make life fun.

99% of the general population is stupid, the other 1% is those who take vowels of silence.

As time passes and civilzations change, people don't get smarter, they just find new ways to become stupid.

Yesterday is just a memory, tomorrow is only theoretical, and here and now is all we ever have.

If you live all your life planning for tomorrow, you'll miss out on today, but tomorrow may never come, so what did you spend all your life doing?

Random Poem (Which I am not claiming ownership for)

~See the happy moron~
~He doesn't give a d*mn~
~I wish I were a moron~
~My god, perhaps I am~
>>>>>>Reason for choosing penname?
-I dunno, I'm very tempted to change it to PockytheGreat(tis my nickname.) Also, 'cause Alchemy tis awesome.

>>>>>>Top ten adepts in order with a short explanation?
1-Edward Elric-Logic and Reasoning time! If Pysnergy is a type of power, and if the lighthouses are the epitome of Psynergy, and if the epitomes of Psynergy unlock the power of Mt. Aleph, which is like the most powerful lighthouse, and if the power of Mt. Aleph is Alchemy, Alchemy must be the fifth and most powerful element. And if alchemy is the fifth and most powerful element, people that use it must be using psynergy, and henceforth be adepts.
2-Izumi Curtis-Oh come on, she rocks.
3-Ivan-Cause he like Ed, short, blonde, and angry.
4-Felix-Seriously, he jumped off the top of a twenty story building, got hit by a tidal wave, got mistaken for a pirate, and still was mute.
5-Mia-I dunno, she's just awesome!
6-Isaac-Cause he's got blonde unruly hair, and people with blonde unruly hair. Case and point, Kazune-Kun(those two antennas are just not natural.
7-Jenna-Cause she's a tomboy, and is awesome.
8-Sheba-She's a frickin coconut head!
9-Colonel Mustang-And you thought I was done with crossovers!
10-Feizhi-Cause she gets her powers from getting hit in the head with a rock. That deserves some credit. Most people who get hit in the head with a rock just faint.

>>>>>>When Iím playing golden sun, IímÖ..
-listening to music, right now either Hey There Delilah or Hanabi

>>>>>>Isaac/Mia or Isaac/Jenna?
-I've taken a third-person view of the pairing war and decided to remain neutral.

>>>>>>Who has the coolest hair out of all of the adepts?
-Isaac, cause he's got spikey blond hair. The kind thats fun to pet.

>>>>>>Favorite armor/weapon?
-In Golden Sun,
--Masamune-Cause it's shiny and deadly
--Tisiphone Edge-Cause its a mythology reference, shiny, powerful, I've got two, and shiny.
--Lachesis Rule-Another mythology reference, shiny, and looks like a normal cane.
--Outside Golden Sun-Kitty Rotor, its a Kitty Weapon, what else could you ask for.

>>>>>>Favorite psyenergy?
-Ice Card(You can see the YuGiOh the Abridged Series references coming)

>>>>>>Favorite summon?
-Anything that is a reference to Greek or Roman Mythology, especially Megara.

>>>>>>Favorite item?
-Dark Matter, because being the Astronomy nerd I am, I know it may exist, but having it exist in a form such as that would violate its purpose. Which is to create gravity without being seen.

>>>>>>Favorite city?
-Grand Chokma! Or possibly Apoji. Maybe Vale, or Tolbi. On Weyward, definitely Tolbi, or possibly maybe even Imil.

>>>>>>Favorite enemy?
-Grand Golem, cause there's a reference that I can't remember right now.
-Wonder Bird, Because of me they are an endangered animal.

>>>>>>Favorite boss?
-Karst and Agatio, cause they're optional, which means if your lazy, you can be all like whatever so you iilled me, but if you are like really really angry you can take it out on them. And get dark matter, which makes up about 90% of the universe, theoretically.

>>>>>>G.S. tip for all to use=
-In the lost age, before the renunion, if you transferred data, try to get about 999,999 g(you can do so in Contigo by gambling) then when your parties join up, for a brief time, you can have 1000000+ g. This affect disappears once you lose or gain coins though.

"Well she wants to be the queen...
then she thinks about her scene
She holds holds her hair back as she screams
I don't really wanna be queen now."

"Y'know, I'm really sick of us not having bills and only one kind of coin in our currency, it's really painful carrying around 999,999 coins wherever you go, and don't even get me started about buying expensive things."

There's a hole in the buc-k-et!

~~~~Pocky the Great.

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