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">Id like to thank IsaacLives for this little ... thing. And if you are wondering i am a boy and i hope you all thought i was one.

>>>>>>Reason for choosing pename?
-Masamune is the coolest weapon in all games and its Sephiroth's sword. As for 1031 its my birthday... halloween.

>>>>>>Top ten adepts in order with a short explenation p
-Ivan he's the smartest and the only cool Jupiter Adept other than his sister.(Sheba sucks I mean she has a bowling ball for a head.)
-Eoleo hes totally awesome. I think he would be a water adept. His dad is also a pirate.
-Isaac he is so much better than Felix.
-Mia she is so much better than Piers. Oh and i think she should go with Garet or Ivan. Preferably Ivan.
-Alex because he is realy evil and deceived them all. Oh and he has cool hair. a
-Garet because he always agrees and supports my main man Ivan. And hes stupid and always is eating.( some of my traits)
-Jenna She can use a multi heal and some strong psynergy too. Oh and she should go with Isaac not Garet!!!
-Felix mostly because he looks cool but the game makes him too cool. Oh and i think he sould go with Hama.
-Hama Ivan's older sister she can see into the future and has awesome purple hair.
-Duhallan because he gaurds Anemos Sanctum which is in Ivan's city. t

>>>>>>When Im playing Golden Sun I'm...
- trying to find a dog that will take the bone you dig up in Lemuria.

>>>>>>Isaac/Mia or Isaac/Jenna?
-Totally Isaac Jenna i mean where do you get Isaac Mia?

>>>>>>Who has the coolest hair out of all the Adepts?
-Eoleo because its red and long and spikey.

>>>>>>Favorite Armor/Weapon?
-Masamune duh read penname. r

>>>>>>Favorite Psynergy?
-Call duhallan because it does the most damage especially if you do it with Felix while he is holding the Sol Blade.

>>>>>>Favorite Summon?
-Eclipse one because it is a dragon and two because Wind and Water are my favorie Elements. i

>>>>>>Favorite Item?
-the Trident you use to defeat Poseidon.

>>>>>>Favorite City?
-Contigo because Ivan holds it in the palm of his hand. I mean they practically worship him. Or they will ... OR ELSE!!! c

>>>>>>Favorite Enemy?
-Anything but the wonderbird those things are @#*%ing annoying. Oh no im starting to sound like Barret. He says that a lot.

>>>>>>Favorite Boss?
- the first time you fight Saturos and Menardi because you cannot win.

>>>>>>G.S. tips for all to use=
-never go into sleep mode if the L and R buttons are broken. k

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