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I'm a golden sun addict and I just love almost any fan-fiction I read. I know that I may not type or act like it sometimes but I AM a guy.
I also come from a family of nerds.

My old motto: Guns do not kill people, bullets do.

My NEW motto: S*x is like a stack of microwaveble pancakes, the one on bottom is always the hottest.

My favorite character: Ivan, he rules.
(read the penname duh.)

My least favorite: Garet he's a jerk, but I don't really hate him, just unapprove, he's still O.K.

My favorite Summon: Judgement (It's just too cool)

My representative animal: the bunny
(I did not decide this)

If I was an Adept... : I'd be Jupiter. Because, you know, they're just to cool.

What I believe the pairings are:
I think that oppisites attract. I even think that this goes for their elements. Therefore:
Garet x Mia (Jupiter Lighthouse)
Sheba x Felix (Venus Lighthouse)
Jenna x Piers? (not to sure but what the hay.)
Ivan x Isaac (both too quiet, both really polite, both strike me as gay somehow, and Isaac just seems like the type to 'protect' poor Ivan. *cough cough*)

If you have any problems with these, (and I'm sure you do) than kindly SHOVE THEM UP YOUR @%$#! Or just keep it to yourself. That works too.
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Challenges by Ivanclone
Summary: Make a one-sided yaoi/yuri story where one charecter is gay for another but the other "doesn't roll that way". Ex: Ivan likes Isaac, but Isaac isn't "that kind" of person.
Categories: Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Others Characters: Misc, Original, Other
Summary: Make a completely random fic about how two charecters switch places for some period of time. Like th one when Felix turned into a girl (I don't remember the title) only in this case, one of the girl charecters would become a boy in his place.
Categories: Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Others Characters: Misc, Original, Other