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Author's Chapter Notes:
something happened when...just read it
FGF: fire_guardian_flame WS: wind sorcerer SW: silverwolf
FGF: what happens with this wind sorcerer maybe he confused me with another person but I won a trip to El Salvador so maybe I can leave Canada and maybe I found him

One month later

Fanfic comments: FGF: hello are you there wind sorcerer?
WS: yes I’m here what do you want fire_guardian_flame?
FGF: well I’m in a trip on El Salvador and maybe I can see you
WS: Sure
FGF: fine see ya

FGF: hello
WS: yes?
FGF: I’m fire_guardian_flame and you must be wind sorcerer
WS: yes I’m he
FGF: pleased to meet you and see I wasn’t your friend and I was I
WS: Yes I see now I belive you

WS: wouldn’t it be great to have powers just like the golden sun characters
FGF: stop dreaming and just conform yourself by writing histories
WS: that may be but I still have hope
FGF: …

WS: Let’s play golden sun
FGF: fine I challenge you to a battle
WS: fine I’m gonna use Isaac, Mia and Ivan
FGF: and I’m gonna use Felix, Jenna and Mia

Wind sorcerer’s Isaac unleashes granite
Fire_guardian_flame’s Mia summons Azul
Everyone took 10 damage

Wind sorcerer’s Ivan summons Iris

Felix goes down, Mia goes…

FGF: I lost I’m gonna turn it off
WS: Oh well

Meanwhile in England

SW: Dude I’m gonna play golden sun now

Back with WS

WS: look instead of appearing in the waiting room I appeared in this kind of lighthouse
FGF: let me see
WS: and another Felix appeared

Back with SW

SW: Dude what happened? I appeared in this kind of lighthouse and another Felix appeared

Back with FGF

FGF: I’m gonna turn my game on
WS. And…
FGF: Two more Felix appeared
WS: and another one appeared in my game
FGF: maybe this is a kind of wireless link between all the ones who are playing golden sun
WS: maybe

Back with SW

SW: Man another dude appeared maybe there is an error in my game

Back with WS

WS: I’m gonna speak with it
FGF: A word pad appeared maybe you have to writte something
WS: okay I’m gonna writte

WS: Who are you?
SW: the Felix asked me who am I? I’m gonna answer it I’m silverwolf
WS the same of the fanfic?
SW: yes who are you?
WS: I’m wind sorcerer
FGF: and I’m fire_guardian_flame
WS: wait my Felix started shining
FGF: check in the items
WS: it says multistar and it’s in a mytril bag
SW: dude that’s weird try casting it
FGF: yes go ahead
WS: Yes I’m gonna do it
FGF: What’s that
WS: It’s a great light I can’t see anything
FGF: It looks like two more Felix but I’m not sure
WS: I fell like if I’m going to slee…
FGF: wind sorcerer stay awake don’t slee…
SW: Dude What happened I fell like if I’m gonna slee…

Wind sorcerer began to shine purple and disappeared
Fire_guardian_flame began to shine red and disappeared
Silverwolf began to shine blue and disappeared
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