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Author's Chapter Notes:
Golden Sun (c) Camelot
... This is what you get when you believe that the characters should be traumatized in one way or another after what they've been through...
Please ignore spelling/grammatical errors. I'm not thinking very straight... and this was impulsive.
--.One: Isaac.--

How many people could actually believe it in themselves that no one would be completely traumatised by that fateful day when the Mount Aleph boulder decided that it wanted to crush everyone one into the dust? Or the mere fact that a child witnessed the death of his father due to he giant rock and was then attacked by two freaks that were talking about certain things that he should have never been listening in on?

Or maybe the mere fact that he had been forced to run around in the freezing weather would have been enough to make any person go insane.

Either way… that was the case, as seen many times before.

Isaac wasn’t… the most social of people; not the sort who openly accepted kindness and friendship when offered, yet when he did make friends, he didn’t make them lightly. He was the rational sort – so very unlike his other childhood friends Jenna and Garet – but it didn’t stop him from making irrational decisions, especially when the people around him were practically begging for it.

Maybe it was true; maybe they seriously wanted trouble to come to them, and he was the pawn behind it all.

Everyone used him in one way or another: Kraden to get into Sol Sanctum, the Wise One to make him leave Vale and recollect the Stars, Fate for being the plain ass it was… the list wasn’t all that long, but the results were obvious on the blonde-teen’s own personal sanity.

He wasn’t insane; just a little… unbalanced.

And he talked so little, maybe it would have been better for him if he’d just been a mute or something. It wasn’t that he didn’t like to talk in the past, but actions tend to speak louder than words, and his actions weren’t enough to save his father, or Jenna’s parents and brother, and he regretted it immensely. It was an open wound, each time he saw his mother’s face, or heard her cry during the night; even when he looked into Jenna’s eyes he could still see that dead hope, her will to live charged on by her friends alone now.

It was… confusing. Hard for him to comprehend; and he hated it.

He didn’t know how to actually express it, and it wasn’t enough to go and save to world to say what he really wanted to scream to the world. The thought have stuck with him since the age of fourteen that night, and still… after it all, he could do nothing. He hadn’t been strong enough to save them, and what he felt now was his punishment, he was sure of it.

Three years had passed since then and over that time he’d focused more on the control of his psynergy; something his father had constantly insisted on, but he had never listened to. Funny how dead people’s advice seemed to be more important than when they were alive. He tried not to question it all too much, though, because when one only has hours to do nothing but think, it was hard to keep composed and… at least physically sane. He had yet to shed tears over the incident, and he wasn’t about to start now.

Garet, too, was probably going through something similar to Isaac’s case; less, though, seeing as he hadn’t lost family in any way…

Isaac pushed the vile thoughts out of his head before they could completely fester. It was bad enough to feel self-pity for himself, and then pain for his mother and friend, but it was worse to have to be bitter to the few people he knew he could trust. Yet at the same time, he felt like he needed to pull away from it all; to try and start again without a problem.

That was how the Sol Sanctum incident came into play.

Not that the blonde had intentionally meant for such a thing to happen, but it was the perfect excuse to leave the town he had come to… distance himself from. Vale was still home, but the tranquility after the one night was hard for him to understand. Were they lying to themselves? Pretending that it had never happened to their lovely little town? That everyone could be happy and content just where they were without another care in the world?

He, for one, already knew that, looking upon the town, it could never be the same. After everything he tried to do, tried to save; all gone, lost, and there was no point. There might have been a chance to rid of the life given to him, but his mother… Jenna as well… they needed support, didn’t they? He was not about to leave it to Garet to try and keep them together.

Besides, if he was gone, who would hold the sanity together?

It would be too much for the redhead to handle, that was for sure.

Leaving Vale had been a lot easier than expected – after getting through Sol Sanctum, anyway – but the farewell had been awkward; for him anyway. Sure, he’d grown up there and everyone knew his name, but it only occurred to him then how important the people around him really were. Kraden and Jenna were already gone; Felix had managed to live miraculously, and now he was about to get out of the little rut of pity he had dug himself in.

Isaac had to wonder sometimes if it was the best thing to do; would it be right to go ahead and drastically change the scenario for his own benefit? What happened if he ended up worse than before? Then what? Could he handle it? Or would he merely go insane and summon an earthquake or two because of it?

He didn’t know; and for the moment, didn’t care enough to think too much in the matter.

Then again, he had never expected to make friends in Ivan and Mia. Maybe it was because of them… they were all adepts and each had an understanding in the other’s powers, and didn’t discriminate them for it. Ivan, in particular, had suffered the worst out of all of them, living in a town who stayed away from him because of his powers. Isaac and Mia did their best to understand his situation even if he didn’t show how much it really hurt him: Garet just acted oblivious to it all.

They weren’t all that different in the end, were they? They had power and a will to stop other’s from completely destroying the world they lived in, right? But… who in their right mind would allow people who were still merely children in comparison with such a fate?

Isaac had to wonder from time to time, forgetting about his problems with these new issues.

Even if this was completely insane logically…

He felt a lot more mentally stable than over the whole three years of his traumatized life.

Funny how that worked.

--.End One: Isaac.--
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