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Isaac stood with the Sol Blade held up above him. "Please, O Wise One! Let me give my life to Mia!!!" Isaac cried as he shed a teardrop. "If it brings you more sorrow to see your girlfriend die than to see yourself die then, plunge the sword into your chest, for what is done, is the best." The Wise One answered. "Goodbye..." Isaac said as he plunged the Sol Blade into his heart, through all of the blood and tears. As soon as the blade touched his heart, Mia woke up in the sanctum. "Where's Isaac?!?!" Mia asked. The other adepts watching her shrugged in shock. Mia ran outside of the sanctum, only to see Isaac with a bleeding heart. Mia ran sadly towards him. There, a note had been tied to his shirt.

Dear Mia,

If you're reading this letter,

I hope it makes you better.

I killed myself for love,

Now I'm hovering from up above.

Even if we're far apart,

You'll always be in my heart.

Next thing I'm going to say is not a lie,

For angels like you should never have to die.

If you hear my plea,

Please continue life for me.

I leave you my sword to remember me,

As we were the ones that were meant to be.

It brings me pleasure and a smile on my face,

To see you full of style and grace.

Now that I'm flying up above you,

The last words I say are that 'I love you'.

Love, Isaac

As Mia read the last words she collapsed crying onto Isaac's chest. "Thank you... My love..."
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