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Author's Chapter Notes:
I do not own Golden Sun or the various character names from the original games.
Prologue- 20 years before

A blazing light came over the horizon, coming from the Seal of Alchemy, Mt. Aleph. The seals were breaking! Malikia stared in wonder at the brilliant display of light. Four shafts of pure alchemy had struck the mountain and it was slowly collapsing. The blue haired Light Adept stood on top, oblivious to the mountain crumbling beneath him. He faced the spherical rock, shouting something that was lost in the din. He tried to cast psynergy, however the rock deflected his blow and pinned him to the crumbling mountain. Soon, everything had collapsed. The man’s body was buried under the earth, beneath a mountain’s worth of rocks. Malikia turned away. It had been too much to hope for; the Great Lord’s freedom had been assured, but it looked like today would not be the day. Nersifal took her arm and slowly led her away.

“He was not strong enough,” Nerisfal said, “the Accursed One’s power has grown in the thousand years Alchemy has lain dormant. The Great Lord will have to wait again before he can get out, it seems.”

“He will not have to wait too long,” Malikia said, “This is the beginning. Come, we need to find Zasz. He can help us unseal the rest of the remaining Dreadlords.”

Two cloaked figures slowly made their way down into the crater. The collapse of Mt Aleph had dragged a great deal of the topsoil down into the crater, and where the great Psynergy stone once stood a stone coffin was revealed. Malikia made her way to the coffin. Using her hand to brush away the dust, she uncovered an ancient symbol. The crescent and the stat tugged back ancient memories, memories of once happier times when the Sol and Luna clans coexisted, living in perfect harmony, guiding Weyard through troubles and strife. She then uncovered the ancient symbol of Alchemy, the Wheel that Forever Turns, the driving force behind all life and the maintainer of reality. After cleaning off the entire coffin, she finally uncovered the symbol that se was looking for; a seven-pointed star inside the Wheel, the seal that had stopped all alchemy. She grimaced in disgust, and then proceeded to use Psynergy to remove the seal. It crumbled easily, which was a surprise. Nerisfal’s seal had taken days to break, days of trying to unwork the knots that the ancient Sol adepts had tied. But, that was before the Breaking of the large seal. Undoubtedly the smaller seals would be much more vulnerable now. After the seal had disappeared, the entire coffin began to shake. It rose a good ten feet into the air, thrashing all the while. Suddenly, the coffin shattered and fell upon the ground. From the broken pieces of stone, a thin man slowly rose.

“I LIIIIIIVE!!!” the man said, “So, which one of you fools freed me hmm? You don’t know whom you’re dealing with here! I am the all powerful, the indestructible, the immortal Zasz, the Manipulator of Minds!”
“Quit you’re imsogodlyomfg speech, it’s getting on my nerves,” Malikia said before she could stop herself. Malikia quickly tried to make herself small; she did not want to be blasted by Zasz. Nersifal stepped in front, shielding Malikia from harm. Why he did that was beyond Malikia, but she was grateful. Zasz calmed down, and he took a good long look at his rescuers. Zasz smiled, he had finally realized who the other two were. He walked over to Malikia and took her chin in his hand, tilting her head up so their eyes met.

“How long has it been since we’ve had a reunion like this Malikia?” Zasz said, “How long has it been since alchemy was sealed?”

“A millennium,” Malikia said, “I managed to escape the sealing. I’ve stayed in hiding for a thousand years, observing the slow decay of the world. Now that Alchemy is free once more, we can begin our plans. The Prophecy states that within fifty years, we will be in control of Weyard. The Dark Lord, however, must be freed before that. Zasz, I’ve brought you up to date. What will you do?”

“Hmm, interesting,” Zasz pondered, “So you’re going to free everybody that was sealed? Well, there are only eight of us. Me? I’m goning to begin my own plans. You don’t need to know about them, so don’t bother asking.” Zasz turned to leave. “Oh yes,” he suddenly said, “The others are located within the Lighthouses, go there if you want to free them.” Zasz raised his hand and Warped away. Malikia shook her head; she had wanted Zasz to help her. It seemed only fair, but Zasz never saw logic the right way. She turned to Nerisfal. He stood in silence, looking towards the north. Malikia went to his side and brought him out of his trance.

“It is time to go,” she said softly, “the Mercury Lighthouse is closest, can you Warp us there?”

“Stand close to me,” Nersifal commanded. Malikia put herself just in front of Nersifal. He raised his hands. Rings of light surrounded both of them, and they flew across Weyard, landing just in front of the Lighthouse. Malikia smiled, even if Zasz and all the others didn’t go with her plan, she still would succeed and become the new Lord of Chaos!
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