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Author's Chapter Notes:
I decide to change my story a little, but I somehow managed to delete the whole thing...
Good thing I still had it on the pc.
Earth … Fire … Wind … Water … These are the four responsible elements for the stability of the World. Two years ago a group of young people broth back that same stability to the World, giving life to each elemental lighthouse. Weyard stopped “shrinking” and its weather became stable, but… two years after our heroes Isaac, Felix, Garet, Jenna, Ivan, Sheba, Piers and Mia had thought to save Weyard, new problems stood on their paths.

The monsters wouldn’t die by age, the only way to annihilate them was in combat but since it was difficult to be at various point of Weyard at the same time, their number tripled; inexplicable thunder storms would suddenly appear in villages or in any place else; the adepts started having trouble in controlling their psynergy; but the worse of all… The Sun and the Moon seemed to be driving away from Weyard and with them all the Light…

No one could explain the why that was happening, many turned to the adepts and Kraden in search of answers but, of course, they too didn’t knew. In less than a year after lighting the lighthouses, the frigid village of Prox left being so and became a comforting place to be thanks to its, now good weather Prox had also expanded its horizons beyond the mountains. New villages formed during that same period of time, as people went exploring the new lands that once were hidden by the snow storm that haunted Prox.

In that same exploring and constructions of villages, there were discovered two new lighthouses and what it seemed to be temples. Everyone thought that those lighthouses were the answer for their problems; the Adepts agreed to investigate them and reunite in Prox with Kraden.


After knowing about the two new lighthouses, the Adepts applied to Prox with Kraden in Piers boat. Isaac was at the prow of the boat with Ivan, Jenna and Piers who guided the boat.

Isaac was laid down on his back with his legs crossed looking thoughtfully to the sky, realizing that time wouldn’t go any faster by doing so; he turned to Ivan and Jenna, they were talking about something that he hadn’t catch .

- So, do you really think that these new lighthouses are the answer to all of our problems?

Ivan and Jenna started paying him attention; Ivan sat next to Isaac and answered his initial question.

- To tell you the truth Isaac, I’m not very certain of that.

Jenna tossed her hair back and concluded.

- To you guys I don’t know, but I find it logical that things start getting better once we lit the lighthouses.

Isaac also sat and continued the conversation.

- Yes that too is what it looks like to me… for it was what happened with the other lighthouses, but how are we going to do it?- He got laid back again- We don’t have the stones to make that happen.

For some reason Ivan wasn’t surprised for the fact that Isaac didn’t knew the whole story, but before he could say anything, Piers, who was listening to the conversation, rushed to tell him.

- Hey now you don’t know?! –He placed an arm on top of the helm- Besides these two new lighthouses, there were found temples as well.

Isaac, again, sat surprised for the knew revelations.

- Huh? New temples? - He got confused for his own ignorance.

Ivan took the delivery in reminding him the why he forgot in the first place.

- Right… you know Isaac; maybe you could know all this if you and Garet hadn’t left in the middle of the conversation because of an apple pie. – Ivan made a small mock with his eyes letting Isaac a little embarrassed.

Jenna took her hand to the forehead not wanting to believe in what she was hearing; Piers on the other hand recovered the boat’s control laughing.

Inside the boat’s cabin Kraden examined some books on top of a table while Felix and Garet were eating a soup-plate in front of him, each standing next to each other.

Felix got curious about whatever Kraden was reading and didn’t resist in asking him.

- What are you reading Kraden?

Kraden continued concentrated in his books and didn’t realize that Felix was talking to him, Felix persisted with him.

- Kraden… what are those books?

Kraden again hadn’t heard Felix due to his concentration. Garet started getting irritated with the deafness of the old man and decided to brutally brake in.

- HEY KRADEN!! -The sudden yell of Garet frightened Kraden making him jump to the floor.

Felix wanted to get up and go help him but couldn’t resist and started laughing with Garet.

Kraden got up in a fury and embarrassed, he scolded Garet.


Garet grabbed his stomach from laughing too much while Felix cleaned some tears for the same motive and tried to calm Kraden down.

- Relax Kraden! I was trying to gain your attention to know what kind of books you were seeing.

Kraden sat down, again, calming himself and trying to ignore the uncontrollable laughs of Garet, before answering to Felix.

- These are very old books that talk about the history of Weyard. -Kraden opened one of the books and restarted reading it- But none of them mention anything about other lighthouses besides the ones that we already know…

Garet finally stopped laughing for Kraden’s relief and started to get interested in the conversation.

- None mention these new lighthouses?

Felix also got intrigued- Do you think that it’s possible that no one had ever seen these new lands besides now? Kraden thought for a while and took his attention to the boys.

- In fact someone had to have been in these lands before; I don’t believe a small group… why, how would they build the lighthouses otherwise?

Felix and Garet agreed with him, but they also didn’t know how to explain the fact that none of those lighthouses appeared in any book or document. Kraden retook his reading while Felix and Garet finished eating; both knew that they would have to wait until Prox for their questions to be answered.

Again outside; Mia and Sheba find themselves on top next to the cannon. Mia was sitting right next to the cannon admiring the horizon, Sheba silently approached her, she looked at Mia then to her front, she then commented.

- So Mia… -Mia looked at Sheba intrigued, Sheba made a naughty smile before completing her sentence- Which one is it?

Mia hadn’t understood Sheba’s comment- Huh? What do you mean?

Sheba kneeled next to her- Oh, come on! Piers or Isaac, which one do you like?

Mia got shocked and a little embarrassed from what Sheba had said.

- S-Sheba!! -Mia looked to her front and noticed that Piers and Isaac were down there, making her understand the comment. Mia got up and went to the other side blushing- What makes you think that I like one of them?

Sheba also got up and leaned over the cannon- Well… you and Isaac traveled together, that had to bring you two closer. On the other hand you and Piers get along very well and you are both water adepts. -She blinks at Mia. - That’s why I’m not sure which one is it!

Mia turned to Sheba with crossed arms and kind of angry, she went near her and also made her own comment.

- In that case Sheba… you and Ivan would be the perfect pair!

Sheba leaned back- Eh! Stop it right there!

Mia continued the attack towards Sheba; she was really trying to get under Sheba’s skin.

- Yes, both control the wind and get along very well! You would make such a cute couple!

Sheba started getting her face red and stepped away from Mia who was getting closer to her.

- Are you crazy or what? Me and Ivan? You can only be hallucinating!

Mia returned sitting down where she originally was and continued mocking her.

- Yeah…Yeah! Negation is just the start of a romance.

Sheba crossed her arms and started murmuring to herself.

Pier’s boat just crossed the northern sea; a lot had changed since the last time that they had been there. Since now the climate of Weyard was more stable, all the snow that once haunted Prox was now revealing a beautiful green landscape with lots of colors due to all the flowers that possessed. Prox had expanded its territory thanks to the quantity of people that were moving in, this would be unthinkable two years ago, but now the grand and beautiful village of Prox was like the center of Weyard. Prox had build a dock for all the boats that would eventually pass by, Piers had some trouble in finding a place for his boat but ended up finding a good place for it. It was time to land on Prox and learn about the future events.
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