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Author's Chapter Notes:
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-It is a bit sloppy, but it brings the main points across. It is only a prologue. -As for the couples, don't hurt me ;_;, but I have a good reason for them, so read and find out!
Golden Sun:

The “Golden” Age

By: Ivorsag


After the battle atop Mars Lighthouse Issac, Felix, Garet, Jenna, Ivan, Sheba, Mia, and Piers returned to Vale. The Golden Sun shined brightly over the rubble, which was once the great Mt. Aleph and Vale. After a year of rebuilding, the heroes split up. Ivan returned to Kalay. Sheba returned to Lalivero. Mia returned to Imil. Finally, Piers returned to Lemuria. The rest stayed in New Vale.

After a few quick months with Hammet, Ivan went to Contigo to live with his sister, Hamma. As Ivan was passing through Lalivero on his journey to Contigo, Sheba decided to go with him on the Lemurian ship, the ship given to Issac, to search for answers to her past at the Jupiter Lighthouse. Piers, after a quick report to King Hydros, went to study the Mercury Lighthouse, where he later learned more about Mia. A little while later, he married Mia despite their age differences. Issac and Jenna still hadn’t gathered the courage to tell each other their feelings for each other. In truth, Jenna became so closed up she decided to go to Prox for a couple years of study; Garet went there to study with her, using Menardi’s boat, which had been found off the coast of the Venus Lighthouse, along with the Black Orb (which was strangely found lying near the entrance to Lalivero). Issac and Felix stayed in New Vale, becoming partners, guarding their home. They might have gone to Venus Lighthouse had it been accessible, but the Golden Sun was more important, and needed to be guarded anyway.

The djinn were not forgotten. Having been reunited, the little elemental creatures made the Inner Anemos Sanctum their home. For some reason they were drawn to it…

Thus, two and a half years have passed since the end of their journey, but little do they know that their adventures have only just begun!

End of Prologue

*****As you read, be aware that characters personalities might be different then what they were originally depending on who they were. They are mainly side characters.
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